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An advent engagement

Normally at this time of year everyone is busy thinking about Christmas festivities and gifts for the family but every now and then at Sheila Fleet Jewellery we hear from someone who is planning something a little bit different.

When Graham Flett got in touch with us recently with a unique plan for proposing to his now fiancée we knew that the start of his December was going to be slightly more fraught than most. His fiancée Helga told us the story:

“Graham had been hiding the ring for in his golf bag for some time and then, on the 1st of December, he put it behind the first door of my advent calendar, sacrificing a chocolate reindeer in the process!
photo 4
“We woke up that morning and just got up as normal; Graham went for a shower while all the time the calendar was sitting on the kitchen table with my engagement ring inside.

“It was a complete surprise and I didn’t expect it at all. I couldn’t believe it because he was as cool as can be.

DR191 - PLATINUM - Ready for Web

“Graham chose the ring all by himself, it’s a princess cut diamond ring from the Contemporary Diamonds Collection and it’s absolutely beautiful.

“Martin and Graham have been good friends for a long time so Martin was a massive help with guessing sizes and choosing the metal.
photo 1
“Graham liked the fact that this ring was just a little different from the ‘norm’.

“Graham and I met met through mutual friends whilst spectating at a motocross beach race event of all things! I won’t be wearing my ring to any of those races though, just in case.

“I have a number of pieces from Sheila Fleet Jewellery so it was the obvious choice for my engagement 6

“The first piece I got was a River Ripples ring that was given to me by my parents for my 17th birthday.”

We love hearing these stories from customers and we’re always happy to assist with any weird and wonderful ideas that you might have.

If you’d like to have a chat then give us a call at the workshop and we’ll endeavour to help.

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